Hi Beautiful Mamma! Meet the Founder! 

Danielle Formaro is not just a certified fitness & nutrition professional but a wife, mother of two boys, and an international best-selling author. With credentials from the Athletics and Fitness Association of America, Danielle is passionate about empowering moms through various avenues. She offers online weight loss programming, postnatal healing, wellness coaching, and live group fitness via her on-demand streaming service. In addition to her fitness background, Danielle brings over 20 years of experience in the food and restaurant industry. As a former restaurateur, she hosts online cooking classes and collaborates with major TV networks like NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC, providing expert advice in nutrition, healthy cooking, and fitness through monthly demonstrations. Danielle extends her impact with a range of offerings, including children’s books, cookbooks, and literature on motherhood. Her mission is to help moms gain confidence and feel empowered by training them to be the best version of themselves. Her nationwide clientele benefits from her expertise, and she is the visionary behind the “Strong as a Mother” movement, now reaching over 40,000 individuals. 


Mighty Mamma superior supplement line was developed to help women gain a sense of balance hormonally, mentally and physically so they can be STRONG AS A MOTHER.

With many processed foods, lack of time to prepare our own meals, or just lack of knowledge, Mighty Mamma helps you regain your nutritional balance and key nutrients you may be missing to thrive.

If you feel you lack energy, struggling with the effects of inflammation, or having trouble sleeping or managing stress, this could be due to a lack of essential nutrients your body is needing to recover, restore and refresh. 

So what makes our supplements so different?

  • Mighty Mamma’s supplements are GMO FREE 
  • and 3rd party tested for potency and purity
  • NSF Certified!
  • Mighty Mamma’s supplements are NSF Certified!
  •  Made in us US!
  • Our supplements are made in us US!
  • We are FDA & GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certified!

Best Quality Supplements
 At Affordable Price!

  • Muscle Repair & Recovery 
  • Hormone Balance & Management
  • Wellness & Stress Management
  • Women’s Health & Weight Loss
  • Premium Superfood Nutrition
  •  Hair and Skin